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The meat of your choice with tomatoes, onion, tzatziki and french fries wrapped in a soft pitta bread, (ask us to remove anything you might not like)
Pork Gyros S€2.40Add
Chicken Gyros XL€5.00Add
Mixed Gyros S€2.40Add
Pork Souvlaki S€2.40Add
Chicken Souvlaki XL€5.00Add
Lamb KebabXL€5.00Add
Vegeterian Pita
Feta or Gouda Cheese
Chicken Burger€5.00Add
PITA SKEPASTH (huge pita bread slow cooked with melted cheese with the meat of your choice, tomato, onions, tzatziki (or any other sauce). MEAT OPTIONS:
Pork Gyros €7.00Add
Chicken Gyros €8.00Add
Mixed Gyros €8.00Add
Pork Souvlaki €7.50Add
Chicken Souvlaki €7.50Add
Lamb Kebab€8.50Add
Beef Burger€7.00Add
Village Sausage€7.00Add
Pork Gyros €7.00Add
Chicken Gyros €7.50Add
Mixed Gyros €7.50Add
Chicken Souvlaki 3pcs€7.50Add
Pork Souvlaki 3pcs€7.00Add
Lamb Kebab3pcs€7.80Add
Mixed Souvlaki 1 pc of each€8.00Add
Greek Sausage3pcs€6.50Add
Greek Salad €5.50Add
Gyro Gyro Chefs Salad€6.50Add
Gyro Gyro Special Salad€7.80Add
Pita Bread€0.50Add
Hot Dog€2.50Add
Club Sandwich€5.00Add
Double Hot Dog€4.00Add
French Fries€2.50Add
French Fries with Cheese€3.50Add
Garlic Bread€2.50Add
Chicken Souvlaki €1.90Add
Pork Souvlaki €1.70Add
Lamb Kebab€2.00Add
Chicken Nuggets5pcs€4.00Add
Chocolate Biscuit Banana Crepe€4.50Add
Chocolate Biscuit Crepe€4.00Add
Chocolate Crepe€3.00Add
Mixed Chocolate Crepe€3.00Add
Sugar Lemon Crepe€3.50Add
White Chocolate Strawberries Crepe€4.50Add
Bottled Still Water 0.5L€0.50Add
Bottled Still Water 1.5L€1.50Add
Coca Cola 330ml€1.70Add
Coca Cola 500ml€2.20Add
Coca Cola Diet 330ml€1.70Add
Coca Cola Diet 500ml€2.20Add
Coca Cola Zero 330ml€1.70Add
Coca Cola Zero 500ml€2.20Add
Fanta Lemon 330ml€1.70Add
Fanta Orange 330ml€1.70Add
Iced Tea Lemon 330ml€2.00Add
Iced Tea Peach 330ml€2.00Add
Sprite 330ml€1.70Add
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