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Bacon and Egg Roll€4.00Add
Bacon Roll€3.50Add
Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Tomato Roll€4.50Add
Chip Buttie€3.50Add
Club Sandwich with Chips€7.00Add
Egg Mayo and Bacon€4.50Add
Hot Dog€4.00Add
Sausage and Bacon Roll€4.00Add
Sausage and Egg Roll€4.00Add
Sausage Roll€3.50Add
Sausage, Bacon and Egg Roll€4.50Add
Tuna Melt€4.50Add
Cheese Salad€3.50Add
Egg and Cheese Mayo€4.00Add
Egg Salad€3.50Add
Ham and Cheese Salad€4.00Add
Ham Salad€3.50Add
Tuna and Cheese Salad€4.50Add
Tuna Salad€4.50Add
Turkey Salad€3.50Add
Cheese and Bacon Toastie€3.50Add
Cheese and Ham Toastie€3.00Add
Cheese and Onion Toastie€3.00Add
Cheese and Tomato Toastie€3.00Add
Cheese and Turkey Toastie€3.00Add
Cheese Toastie€3.00Add
Cheese, Ham and Tomato Toastie€3.00Add
Cheese and Bacon Omelette€5.50Add
Cheese and Ham Omelette€5.50Add
Cheese Omelette€5.00Add
Flocas Greek Omelette€6.50Add
Flocas Special Omelette€7.00Add
Flocas Vegetarian Omelette€6.00Add
Add Chips to your Omelette for €1€1.00Add
Add Side Salad to your Omelette for €1€1.00Add
Farmhouse Pizza12″€9.00Add
Greek Feast Pizza12″€9.50Add
Hawaiian Pizza12″€9.50Add
Hot Hot Hot Pizza12″€9.50Add
Margarita Pizza12″€9.00Add
Meat Feast Pizza12″€10.00Add
Neptune Pizza12″€10.00Add
Texas Pizza12″€9.50Add
Vegeterian Pizza12″€9.00Add
BBQ Chicken Wings and Chips€7.00Add
Chicken Nuggets and Chips€5.50Add
Fish and Chips with Beans€7.00Add
Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas€7.00Add
Gammon and Chips with Egg€7.50Add
Gammon and Chips with Pineapple€7.50Add
Greek Salad, Tzatsiki and Village Bread€7.50Add
All Pukka Pies are served with Chips and Gravy (gravy in a separate container)
Chicken and Mushroom Pie€7.00Add
Mince and Onion Pie€7.00Add
Steak and Kidney Pie€7.00Add
Add Mushy Peas to your Pie for €1€1.00Add
Add Bread and Butter to your Pie for €1€1.00Add
All our 1/4 pounder Burgers are hand made by us and contain only locally sourced meat
Cheese Burger€5.50Add
Chicken Burger€5.50Add
Flocas Burger€7.50Add
Flocas Chilli Burger€6.00Add
Flocas Special Burger€6.00Add
Rodeo Burger€6.50Add
Add Chips to your Burger for €1€1.00Add
Add Side Salad to your Burger for €1€1.00Add
B.L.T. Tortilla Wrap€5.00Add
BBQ Chicken Tortilla Wrap€5.00Add
Chicken Mayo Tortilla Wrap€5.00Add
Chilli Chicken Tortilla Wrap€5.00Add
Greek Tortilla Wrap€5.50Add
Surfs Up Tortilla Wrap€5.00Add
Add Chips to your Tortilla Wrap for €1€1.00Add
Add Side Salad to your Tortilla Wrap for €1€1.00Add
Bisto Gravy in a Tub€1.00Add
Double Bread and Butter€2.00Add
Onion Rings€3.50Add
Village Bread€1.50Add
Coca ColaCan 330ml€2.00Add
Coca Cola DietCan 330ml€2.00Add
Coca Cola ZeroCan 330ml€2.00Add
Fanta LemonCan 330ml€2.00Add
Fanta OrangeCan 330ml€2.00Add
Iced Tea LemonCan 330ml€2.00Add
Iced Tea PeachCan 330ml€2.00Add
SpriteCan 330ml€2.00Add
Banana Milk Shake€4.50Add
Caramel Milk Shake€4.50Add
Chocolate Milk Shake€4.50Add
Stawberry Milk Shake€4.50Add
Vanilla Milk Shake€4.50Add

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