Frappe and Freddo

Drinking iced coffee all year round is something of a Greek tradition and the most popular iced coffee drinks are the Frappe, the Freddo Cappuccino and the Freddo Espresso. Frappe is a frothy iced coffee drink made from instant coffee, water, ice cubes and sugar and is made either with a shaker or an electric mixer. Freddo Cappuccino is a cold version of the regular cappuccino coffee and is usually served with a cold frothy milk topping. Freddo Espresso is the cold version of espresso coffee and it is made with a double shot of espresso coffee blended in a mixer with ice cubes. Perfect for an instant coffee hit. Of the three the Freddo Cappuccino has become the most popular not just in Greece, but in Cyprus and Southern Italy as well.

Zante Takeaway 2019

It's like 'Just Eat' but for Zante